Bank of America Gives $100 Million Dollars Away To A Foundation, So Someone Else Can Decline A Loan


How can Bank of America possibly give $100 Million away, and yet I still find a crappy thing about that? 


This host is 100 percent applauding the gesture and the great amount of money given to awesome female entrepreneurs.


Listen to a 13 year Banker explain why BofA gets out of doing ANY Small Business Loans, yet gives a ton of money away to a foundation so that foundation, with similar requirements will likely decline the loan as well

Hear how Entrepreneur somehow means being in business for two years with no other synonyms.

Listen as well to my experience trying to acquire loans for Bank of America to only get declined for 13 year straight,

What everyone sees as a great gesture, I see as BofA talking out both sides of their mouths.

Also.. Learn how Bank of America really only gave the equivalent of what the Average American pays for a steak dinner for a family of 4 to the org.



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