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Why Your Bank Sucks is looking for partnerships with companies to sponsor our podcast.


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  Why Your Bank Sucks has achieved over TENS OF THOUSANDS of unique listeners since it's OFFICIAL launch in February 2019, and have reached an average of 9000 listeners for every podcast.

Our demographic is: EVERYONE WHO USES A BANK! From the really rich to the working-class, our podcast explores subject matter that reaches into to the minds of every American who cares about their money. They are savvy in technology and savvy in spending their money effectively.

Host James Baca, a 13 year veteran banker, who managed clients and their financial needs for a living also has a significant marketing background. James Baca has been savvy in media and public relations since 2002. He holds a degree from Eastern New Mexico University.

 We are looking for sponsors who:

  • Are not afraid of the controversial topics discussed in regards to banking.
  • Have had difficult experiences with retail banks themselves to relate to experiences.
  • Are able to commit beyond a one-off sponsorship. Why Your Bank Sucks is seeking partnerships that are long lasting and mutually beneficial

Key Facts

Average Unique Downloads per episode: 9000+

Available on 9 Podcasting Platforms, including Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor.fm, and many more!


Twitter Reach @BankScrewedUs:

Average 6 month impressions rate (Per Month): 850k

Highest Impressions Rate: 1.3M (August 2019)

Please Contact Host James Baca at james@whyyourbanksucks.com or (575)418-1228 for more information