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October 2, 2019

Wells Fargo Breaks Ground: Hires Old Man Bank Exec to be their CEO! (Sigh) + Bank of America Floods Your Earhole w/ Radio and Podcasts!


Wells Fargo names Charles Scharf as their CEO.
After months of debating whether they would think outside the box in hiring the next head honcho, which included token female applicant Cathy Bessant of Bank of America, Wells went with a man who was an "outsider" despite the fact he freaking ran VISA AND BANK OF NEW YORK. He must be like a TV rerun, if you haven't seen him, he's new to you.


September 26. 2019
I WAS HACKED: Why Your Bank Sucks Has $250 Stolen Using Paypal!!! (How Paypal Impressed Me and How Twitch Disgusted Me!!!)

Your Host James had his Paypal account hacked and over 200 Euros (yes, Euros) were stolen from him in a brazen attack. The money was taken to pay someone off on Twitch, the millennial version of crack this morning. 
Learn why my OCD Checking my email every twenty minutes paid off in spotting it!
Learn how Paypal surprised me with their fraud process compared to BofA (51 DAYS LESS OF A TIMEFRAME! HOLY CRAP!)
Why @TwitchSupport is no better than Zelle when it comes to accountability when crime is being committed on their end.
Learn how Paypal amazed me by getting stuff done in 9 short hours! I was impressed. Thanks for helping me Paypal. You don't suck (at the moment!)

September 21, 2019
We Rescued Another $2500 from Zelle!!! + BofA Under Fire For "Phony" Unauthorized Accounts! Watch Me Defend Them (What?!?)

Why Your Bank Sucks and Our Vigilante Customer Service has "Rescued" over $130k since April 1!!!!
We discuss how I rescued $2500 from Zelle for a customer in just one evening. Customer never heard of Zelle....Account hacked, and Bank of America didn't give them credit for the fraud claim. Bank of America asked this person for a "virus report" on their computer, which ended up being a 51 FREAKING PAGE FAX!!!
With a little firm talk online, Why Your Bank Sucks helped recover that money. Hear the whole story!
Plus I discuss a news story that hit the financial world. Bank of America is under investigation from the CFPB for "Phony Accounts"... Learn why I hate the phrase, and that it was "Unauthorized Accounts"
Also, I discuss the time frame, 2014, which it allegedly happen, and yes, I even defend Bank of America on how they would have handled that in 2014, although the fact they are fighting releasing info on their processes, and lawyering up makes them seem more guilty than they are. Learn about my suspicions on who oversold and created unauthorized accounts... Guess? No, not me. I almost got fired for poor sales in 2014!

September 16, 2019
BBQ & Corporate Downsizing: My Meeting with a Bank Exec + Bank of America Hates Your Grandma and Her Jitterbug Phone: Text Banking is Gone!

We celebrate 1300 Followers with a funny story.
The home opener for college football in my town gave me a flashback with a Bank of America Exec who I met at an Awards Banquet that was being held for us that they conveniently scheduled during my work hours. He used a story about him learning how to BBQ correctly which led me to a one-on-one interaction that I thought would lead to at least a connection with a higher up. A second meeting with same exec happened a few months later, and his fake smile told me something was up. Learn how his BBQ Wisdom couldn't save my branch and how that same smile told me that all my hard work meant nothing to Bank of America.
 Plus, BofA decided to take away a thing that is used by old people who are trying to use technology, but are not all in with online and mobile banking. Bank of America ends Text banking, where you can text "bal" and "hist" and learn a lot about your account without putting you at risk for a compromise.

September 10, 2019
Prescilla, Queen of the Fraud Claim - Why Your Bank Sucks Rescues $1,000 from Bank of America for a New Mexico Customer!

Fun podcast today, as I discuss the Liberation...the "Rescuing" of money that Bank of America nearly stole from Prescilla, a person from my neck of the woods in central NM. With her card duplicated, crooks used her card to steal nearly $1,000 in goods from Smith's Grocery Store in Albuquerque, NM while she was nearly an hour away, card in hand. Our mutual friend Dorella connected us on Social Media, and James for Why Your Bank Sucks was on a mission to get her money back.
Learn how text alerts for fraud don't really work, as several transactions still went through.
Learn how customers trust too much in how banks handle fraud these days.
You will also hear a tangent I have about listening to friends about your bad bank experience, and how it can impact how you deal with it.
You will learn some insight as to how I  use all the data given to me to help my clients escalate to the very top of BANK OF AMERICA. Plus you will learn about how execs see fraud transactions more logically than the actual fraud department.
It is a fun 40 min story about how I helped someone I kinda know with a bank problem I know far too much about. It was truly a blast. WHY YOUR BANK SUCKS HAS NOW LIBERATED $120,000.00 SINCE APRIL 1 FROM BIG BANKS.

September 6, 2019
Bank of America Freezes Accounts of Customers with 5 Simple Words: Do You Hold Dual Citizenship? + Farewell, Virtual Credit Cards... On To Something Less Safe!

Why Your Bank Sucks went viral this week. Quarter of a million tweet impressions in 48 hours, because of a retweet by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus about a Sacramento Bee story which detailed customers getting accounts frozen for not answering a contoversial question. The question is: Do you hold dual citizenship?
Twitter was up in arms, thinking it's a debate on immigrants. It's not. It's the bank's war on the poor people, at-risk people, clients that provide no value to Bank of America.
Learn how that question actually gets international customers and born and bred American customers to leave the bank for vastly different reasons. Hear me talk about that the warning to answer this question is sent in English to Spanish Speaking customers! I was there to see it. You will also find out it is a way of getting another at-risk group out of Bank of America, the elderly. Learn how system changes in the bank wipe out data and lead to older folks with decades long relationships to be alienated by the bank by them asking a question they should know the answer to, which is...Who are you?


September 1, 2019
Bank of America Screws Topeka, KS 2 Times in One Week + Trespassing at Zelle and more in Phoenix!!!

Today's podcast is a US Tour for how Bank of America and Zelle screw over so many clients.
First up, An amazing story out of the state capital of Kansas, Topeka. Bank of America announced in May that it was closing the 3 branches there effective August 27th. Bank of America's propaganda press release stated that one of the reasons they were closing was that people were doing so many more mobile deposits and deposits at the ATM. 
So what if I told you the week that Bank of America closed it's doors in Topeka that under the cover of darkness, they removed the freaking deposit ATMs as well, leaving only one-trick-pony ATMs that only withdraw cash?
Is Bank of America so cheap that it can't pay a couple extra bucks to have someone pull the deposits from the ATM one time a week and take them 24 miles away to Lawrence, KS? (Spoiler: Yes)
Learn how this story was told to me by 4 people on Twitter as I headed on my vacation this weekend!


August 28, 2019
Employee Training in Banking (Or the lack thereof...) How Poor Training Leads to Bad Experiences.

I learned all I needed to know about being a teller at Bank of America by reading a 20 year old binder of procedures and watching a tape that discussed Bank Robbery Protocol on a 19" TV/VCR Combo.
Actually I learned nothing.
In today's podcast, learn about my experiences training for my jobs at Bank of America and learn how I was thrown on the teller line, expecting to know everything after three days in a boiler room in December with old resources. Learn how through trial and a hell of a lot of error, I survived. You will also hear how Bank of America restricting internet at the branch made me smarter, because I "Goofed off" by reading their policy and procedure manual, all 10000 pages, up and down on my downtime.
You will also hear about the best training I ever had at Bank of America in Dallas. Learn how Bank of America paid $1400 for an in-state flight, but couldn't get me a rental car to drive to my training, causing me to walk on a busy Dallas Highway in 2012. Learn about my experience with in-house classroom banker training, and how I feel it was the best thing I ever did at BofA, because it gave me superpowers of selling and confidence. Learn how that stopped with my class, and bankers, tellers, and managers from here on are now training in the same place they eat their cold lunches in a glorified chat room where a "Teacher" spends more time asking what your favorite colors are than actually helping.

August 24, 2019
I'm Applying to be the Next CEO of Wells Fargo - My Plan to Turn that Dump Around!

After reading an older article about how it's nearly impossible for Wells Fargo to hire a CEO because of the issues it faces, coupled with the thought that whoever they pick, it would not be a long-lasting tenure because of said struggles, I came up with a plan.


August 19, 2019
Breaking Down the Amazing Wells Fargo NY Times Article by Emily Flitter - My Take on a Piece of Brilliant Journalism

@flitteronfraud on Twitter - Emily Flitter of the New York Times came out with an amazing Wells Fargo piece about supposed "Closed accounts" that were still getting fees charged to them, and it shook up Wells Fargo Twitter for a weekend. So much resentment came back, and for good reason.


August 16, 2019
How I Recovered $4000 from Bank of America for a Fraud Victim, While BofA Fraud Claims did NOTHING!!! (Brian's Song)

Why Your Bank Sucks has rescued $81,600 since April 1st from Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

Unethical fees, extended holds and fraud claims are what we go after.
Today's podcast was probably my proudest moment so far. I recovered $4000+ from Bank of America to help Brian from Chicago, a victim of fraud who was being screwed by BofA. Identity stolen, his name, ss number and account were used in another state to cash over $4000 in checks while he was hard at work in Chicago. Bank of America denied his claim, stating it was him making the transaction.



August 11, 2019
Cash is King in a Small Town, Despite What Banks Say + Limit 1 Per Customer? A Bank Screwed US Voicemail

Learn about how my anniversary trip to Ruidoso, NM (Pop. 7700) showed me that despite what banks say about the world going cashless and digital, cash is king in a small town. From casino slot machines to food trucks, and even campgrounds, paper currency is still ruling the day. Listen on how a trip to Walmart for snacks at 9pm gave me a window into the world of cash vs card. It surprised even me.



August 5, 2019

El Paso Strong- Understanding Charitable Donations, GoFundMe and Banks Role During a Difficult Time

This podcast mainly is more about citizens understanding how to effectively contribute. So many people will create fundraisers or "charities" in the wake of this shooting, and Why Your Bank Sucks wants to tell you what to look out for.



July 31, 2019

We Closed Your Branch, But We Left ATMs in its Place! (SIKE!) BofA Ditches My Hometown AGAIN! + Brian Moynihan: Fair and (Un)Balanced on FOX!

Yours truly worked for 2 Branches in 13 years at Bank of America, and he's seen his bank leave his hometown three times! (Huh?)

Bank of America announces the closure of the machines that were so popular and successful according to them in my hometown of Las Cruces, NM.

Learn how I predicted that my clients would be fed the lies of "alternative ways of banking" taking over. How about a discussion of an abandonment of thousands of customers in a college town where it is 80% Hispanic and 50% in poverty? I have it here...with a heavy heart and a loud mouth

July 26, 2019
Iranian-Americans, Iranian Students, and Bank of America - How BofA Discriminates Against a Group of People + A Zelle VM

I worked in two college towns in my tenure at Bank of America, and one of my greatest joys was meeting all the new international students each semester. Students from all over the world would attend school in my hometowns and new friends were made. Iranian students were always regulars in my banks. Helping them as a teller all the way up to manager, I noticed Bank of America started treating this great clients, who had excellent deposit histories, and accounts with very few issues really harshly.

Account openings became epic, lasting over two hours, while I had to call a secret dept. within Bank of America to get "Approval" to open accounts for people with valid IDs. Random freezings and closings of their accounts, leading to times where money was not available and bills had to be paid.

How can a bank treat a group of people so bad? I worked there 13 years, and I don't even know. This podcast is a really serious one, spurred by a recent Twitter post of a letter from the NIAC (National Iranian American Council)

July 22, 2019
Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan's Interview on CNBC: Too Dull For Cable TV

Brian Moynihan, the CEO/Scarecrow of Bank of America showed up on CNBC's Mad Money with Jim Cramer to discuss BofA's record qtr. What I got was a 10 1/2 min interview that I was able to do an hour podcast on. This is part 1 of 2 media interview podcasts I will do on Moynihan.

July 19, 2019
Bank of America Made $7.3 Billion This Quarter, But Was Too Cheap to Buy a $2 Box of Rubber Bands For Us 5 Years Ago

Bank of America made $7.3 Billion, Wells Fargo made $6.2 Billion, and JP Morgan Chase made $9.7 Billion in the last three months. Cause to celebrate? Sure why not? It's America and they are doing the America thing: Making Money. On today's podcast, I decide not to talk the technical aspects of the earnings report, I just reminisce with a few stories about how goddamn cheap Bank of America was during my tenure over there, nearly putting 2 eyes out over a matter of $2.

I discuss office supply cheapskated-ness along with depriving children of the one thing that silences them when going to the bank, all in the name of penny pinching.

I try to make my horrible experiences there a little entertaining for you.

July 15, 2019
Divorces, Single Parents, & Banking

Growing up poor and in a single parent household, I saw the financial struggles of how it's hard to make it in this world. In this podcast, I share my experiences growing up, and how single parenthood and divorce really impacted my mom's finances. This includes a home loan that my mother got from.. Countrywide Home Loans, which became a subsidiary of Bank of America a dozen years ago. Learn how sub-prime loans took my mom's dream and foreclosed on it, all while I was working for Bank of America.

I also share what I applied to discussions with single parents and people divorcing/breaking up in my office as a banker for BofA. I discuss how I even took advantage of these "horrible life events" for the purposes of sales growth. I also share some interesting stories of what I saw personally between people that made me reevaluate how I banked as I got married.

July 10, 2019
James & His Personal Debit Card Hell

I have had debit cards since they have been called "Check Cards". They were my first conduit to banking, and now all these years later, the bane of my existence. Though I love my debit card, it has brought so much undue stress over the years.

I recently had to get my card replaced after 8 years of having the same number because of a BS charge (don't buy magazines), and it gave me flashbacks to 2011, when Bank of America decided it would be cool to charge $5/month for your debit card which already makes them money. It was a horrible to time to work at BofA, and even worse that I became a supervisor on that same day.

July 4, 2019
Bank of America Takes A Stand Against Loaning to Private Prisons (Right After Loaning $90M) + Hungry, Hungry ATMs

Bank of America ticked off so many people on the conservative side when they were the last major bank to take a stand against Private Prisons that have been in the news lately with the immigration debate (No politics on this podcast)

They promised not to loan any money.....one week after they loaned $90 million that will essentially make them $1.7 Million in interest a year.

James Baca will tell you how it's possible to piss off both sides of the debate with the same action. BofA did it!

Plus, I go over an epidemic with ATMs accepting cash deposits without crediting clients. What's worse? BofA is declining these claims in droves. My vigilante customer service is working hard to figure out why this is. Learn about my theory in this podcast.

June 28, 2019

A Notary Seal of (Dis)Approval - How Big Banks Blow Off Notary Service + Emails

Today's Podcast discusses something I practiced against my wishes at Bank of America, and which is going on at branches across the land. The denial of a simple free service, notary public service, because it "diminishes sales opportunity". Learn how I, along with the bank as a whole found reasons to blow off those in need of a simple stamp, citing "things wrong with the document" and refusing to do it for anyone who didn't have an appointment. It's the most f-ed up thing for people who are agents for their state

June 24, 2019

Bank of America CEO Says He Wants "A Cashless Society" - He Must've Just Watched "Demolition Man"

Brian Moynihan was channeling his inner Dr. Cocteau last week when he announced at a conference that eventually he would like a "cashless society". What happened after those comments were made was simply astounding. Crypto advocates saw it as BofA coming to their side, and other news sources mentioned that cash is still king in a lot of places.

But did he really mean what he said? I think so, but not in the way you think. He wants us all to be Swedes... What?

People think he meant crypto, but he really meant... your kids piggy bank? Machines that shake pieces of paper to eliminate people shaking paper deposits? Surge pricing for illicit purchases or late night purchases? Declining what BofA THINKS you don't need?

June 19, 2019

Crypto or GTFO: Facebook Currency? + How to go to Target Without Spending at least $100 - CC Outage at One of the Biggest Stores!

Opening mentions the rescue of another $3000 with Vigilante Customer Service!!!
We take on Evil Zelle and Bank of America and win for Jessica and Aaron!!

Facebook gets into crypto!

The app known for sharing memes is about to embark on a journey to take on Big Banks. With Partners like Visa, MC, Uber, and Paypal, Facebook looks to be more than a time suck. They want to be your financial institution. Learn why I think toothpaste when I think Libra, and also learn why I think since BofA and Wells aren't partners, they will target those who use their banks for Libra just like they do for Crypto.

Also learn about Saturday's Target CC Outage, and how it gave me PTSD Flashbacks of the 2013 breach!

Learn how closures of banks will lead to clients without debit cards for weeks when it's found out that this was more than a maintenance error! Learn why press releases mean nothing here.

June 15, 2019

I Hate Zelle Part 2: NBC Reports What I've Told You For Months + A Flag Day Story + Listener Feedback

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss"

ZELLE! We talk about an NBC Nightly News Segment outlining fraud and Zelle... Things I have told you about for weeks and months!

I play clips of the report, and give my honest feedback of it. Note: They missed one GLARING thing about Zelle's sucky-ness! You will hear me yell(e)!!!

Before that, in honor of Flag Day this week, I discuss how a Twitter Follower reminded me of an incident at my branch with our American Flag and Flagpole that will upset a lot of people. (Blame Management)

Plus, I respond to an email who claimed that I must've sucked at my job to be complaining about banks all the time now. I respond (Spoiler Alert: He's not totally wrong.)
Tons of bank smack talking fun in this episode. Our mission: To destroy Zelle and get it out of our lives!!!!!


June 12, 2019

Bank Fail Pod #4: Chase Interrupts Fortnite Matches Around the US to Inform Millennials that Finn by Chase is Shutting Down!!!

Less than a year ago, Chase decided to try to CON....(Cough)... convince millennials that they were cool by setting up a mobile app only bank account called Finn. Finn sounded like the kid with the drugs at a party. It was cool for a while. Access to a lot of ATM's. Emoji (WTF?!?) used to help manage your money. Sounds neat-o, cool kids....

Then they realized only 47,000 people signed up for it, a lot of them mainly for the $100 bonus they were offering. To put into perspective, BofA has about 65,000,000 clients. Wow. What a bomb.


June 8, 2019

I Hate Zelle, Part 1 (Anthony's Song)

Part of my Podcast and Twitter Project has a goal: To get Zelle eliminated as a service option at all banks. It's a scary, scammy way that banks concocted to have people transfer money person to person.

Today's podcast will mainly discuss the lack of support that Banks have for fraudulent activity that happens to their clients using Zelle, citing their non-association (omg) to the third party application THATS EMBEDDED AND PROMINENTLY Advertised in their app and all their banks!!!!

Our voicemail caller Anthony, shares his ordeal, and how Host James Baca found a way to rescue his money from Zelle Hell(e). Also, how do I equate Zelle to the rise of the adult movie industry? What? James you are crazy.

It's a good listen about a bad product.



June 5, 2019
Gym Gains = Bad Bank Service? Plus... We Rescued More Money for a Customer!

I discuss National "I hate my gym" day, which was this past June 1st as people from all over the country paid an annual fee that they were never told about for a gym membership at Planet Fitness. Learn how banks treat these "Recurring Payments" and how, as an avid gym-goer myself, always saw the negative experience that both gyms and banks provided when an issue occured.

Plus we have two voicemails. One from old Friend Sean White and one from Porscha, who allowed us to help her with our vigilante customer service which allowed us to RESCUE $645 from Bank of America for her.. Learn how on today's show.


June 1, 2019
Listener Emails Answered!!!

Today's podcast is simple. 3 listeners emailed me with some questions, and I answer them about my project, Why Your Bank Sucks!

Emails include a question about what I have dubbed "Vigilante Bank Customer Service". I detail how I am rescuing money from big banks for my listeners.

I also announce the launch of my PATREON Page! For as little as $1, you can help James Baca in his fight against big banks. For a little more money, you will get a lot of free swag from me 🙂


Plus, a listener asked me for a brief bio, which I give

May 29, 2019
A Little Bit of Erica By My Side - Bank of America Celebrates that Erica Only Helps 1 in 10 People!

Bank of America celebrates it's virtual assistant, "Erica's" one year anniversary by giving a bunch of stats to the general public. Although the stats show that it isn't a success at all

Learn in this podcast that only 10% of the customers at BofA use the tool that will eventually replace customer service. You will also learn that a lot of people over 40 are not adopting it, which causes the long lines and poor service at understaffed branches. You will also hear how "insightful" Erica is about your money, and learn how 37 million people have mobile banking, yet 27 million use it. Those 10 million people... Hmm..Something unethical happened!


May 24, 2019
Death and Banking - Preparing For The End and Handling the Bank's Efforts to Have You Suffer More

Warning: This podcast has a lot to do with death and planning for death as it pertains to finances. Very sensitive subject.

Today's podcast was brought on by some personal loss. I lost my Grandmother 3 days ago, and a Great Uncle a couple weeks ago. I discuss how an observation in my grandmother's house the final time I saw her brought on memories of how my former company, Bank of America handled deceased customers account.

May 20, 2019

The Fresno Drop - How Bank of America Forced Credit Cards Down the Throat of a Small Town in 1958

I discuss the most interesting Bank of America story I read in a long time. Did you know that Bank of America invented the credit card? Did you know that Bank of America sent 60,000 credit cards with today's equivalent of $4,000 on them to people who didn't want them, ask for them, or even knew they existed? Did you know they sent them to one small town in 1958 where people weren't as financially savvy as a big city would be? Did you know that although the initial project failed, it led to a world where we OWE BANKS NEARLY 1 TRILLION DOLLARS?


May 15, 2019
Mental Health & Banks Part 2 - What Drives Us Crazier...

Before we discuss Mental Health & Banks for a second time this Mental Health Awareness Month, Host James Baca talks about how he decided to start this podcast after his firing from BofA. James also is proud to announce the partnership with our friends @kasasa!


May 13, 2019

The Bank Screwed US: 3 Customers Share Their Horrible Experiences + Win a Google Home Mini

Hear the horrors of BofA from 3 customers from different walks of life!!
575-322-4127 is our voicemail line to share your bad banking experience. 3 min limit.


May 9, 2019

Wells Fargo LITERALLY Names Your Savings Account After Their Sales Goals & More Fees Will Be Charged + Teen Accounts for Adults + Google Home Mini Contest

Wells Fargo as of next month will officially become META.
They will rename your basic savings account the "Goal Savings" as in.. "We make our quarterly sales GOAL offering you a GOAL Savings Account."

May 6, 2019

How I Got Fired from Bank of America for Less Than a 20pc Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds + Sean on Voicemail




May 2, 2019

Mental Health and Banks - What Drives Us Crazy (In Honor of Mental Health Awareness Month) + Vegas Road Trip BofA Closure


April 26, 2019

Citi Double Cash Card + Bank of America Leaving Downtown Phoenix? + BankScrewedUS Voicemail Line


April 23, 2019

Bank of America Reports What They Earned in Q1 + Congressional Fun with Brian Moynihan + VM



April 15, 2019

The Bank Screwed US Voicemail Line + Bank Fail Pod #3: Bank of America's eBanking Account - Kicking You Out of The Branch Since 2010


April 9, 2019

Bank of America Raises Minimum Wage to $20



Modernizing The Bank: We Are Replacing Tellers with Couches and Wi-FI???



Bank of America Commits $5 Billion to "Help" Low and Middle Income Home Buyers aka Countrywide Part 2, Electric Boogaloo



How Bank of America Treats Older People




Apple Card - Why Bank of America and Wells Fargo SHOULD be Scared!!!! (41:09)



Keep The Change - An Effective Way to Make Money...For Bank of America! - Bank Fail Pod #2 (37:24)


Wells Fargo Scandal - Relating It To My Experience at Bank of America (57:05)



Bank of America Gives $100 Million Dollars Away To A Foundation, So Someone Else Can Decline A Loan (40:23)



Bank Fail Pod - Bank of America's Nuevo Futuro Checking Account (34:20)



College Students (And How Banks Treat Them) (54:44)



Why Does It Take So Long For You Guys To Answer The Phone? - Crappy Call Center Service Explained (44:48)



Rich People Get Rebranded - Bye, Merrill Lynch and US Trust (47:16)