Bank Fail Pod – Bank of America’s Nuevo Futuro Checking Account (2004)


Ever want to see outright stereotyping of a race and culture?

Look at these pics of Bank of America Branded Maracas (Musical Instrument)

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Bank of America came out with a horribly offensive account for Hispanic Immigrants in 2004 called Nuevo Futuro Checking (New Future). Offensive in that in its promotional giveaways for the account, all of them were stereotypical. Even how you would target this account was stereotypical for a seller. Although Hispanics are a huge part of our American fabric, it seems that Bank of America was nearly trying everything just to get people in the door, and what they offered was a free way to send money to Mexico if you brought everything over to them.

Worked so well that I could only find 3 pages online that even referenced this account, One of them on BofA's Page...all others have been scrubbed clean.

Learn how I came across the magical maraca, and hear annoying rattles as I discuss a topic one part funny, and one part horribly offensive to some people. Crazy times we live in folks

This is the first of many "Bank Fails" podcasts that will talk about hilarious bank fails over the years across multiple banks. A little light heartedness to go with all the serious stuff.


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