College Students (And How Banks Treat Them)


I got my job at Bank of America solely because I walked in to cash a financial aid check one day. I was treated with a little respect then. Now…. Students are finding themselves in a love-hate relationship with a bank that really doesn’t want them

On today’s podcast, learn about the desire to be the “official bank” of a university and what it even means.

Learn how banks fight for accounts for college students to fluff up their numbers, and how that also leads to overselling of credit cards without proper conversation about the responsibility on how to use it.

Learn how financial aid checks are being held a ridiculous amount of time these days, and how that leads to irreperable damage between client and bank, and learn that this is why I truly miss working at a bank. I miss teaching people how to be responsible with their money.

If you are a college kid, listen to this. If you have kids that are going to college, listen to this.


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