Why Does It Take So Long For You Guys To Answer The Phone? – Crappy Call Center Service Explained


Ever call 1-800-432-1000 with BofA for service, and you literally could bake a wedding cake in that time you waited? You and me both.

With a conversation that started on Twitter with Twitter User aurora_nightly, I discuss the horrible wait times and service that is going on with BofA’s customer service on the phone.

I explain how Preferred Customers get to “cut the line” when it comes to phone service. I explain how BofA is treating phone service the same way a high-end nightclub treats VIPs and Regular Folk.

I will tell you why Bank of America doesn’t have branches in Alabama and Montana, but their service is coming from there in a call center that is not owned by Bank of America.

I will explain to you why only 20-30 people are handling the bulk of calls for the whole country, and how long wait times actually cause disciplinary action for its associates who have no help or support.

And finally, I will tell you that estimated hold times only work when associates are given tools to help clients, and how the bank’s call back feature doesn’t work if everyone says, “Screw That, I’m Not Waiting”.

It’s a podcast that will make you not want to use the phone again.

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