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My name is James Baca, and I am here to tell you Why Your Bank Sucks. This podcast and website were originally created out of frustration. I recently ended a 13 year relationship with Bank of America. I guess I should say they ended it for me. I was fired for very dubious reasons. A procedural defect they call it. In reality, Bank of America fired me because they were closing my branch, and they had no room for me at the other branch.

After seeing how fleeting loyalty was to an employee who literally brought everyone he knew to Bank of America, I became disenchanted. Then, I started to piece together a book about the worst things that happened to me while employed there, and that led to my book, "Bank of America Nearly Made Me Homeless (And I Worked There)" to be written in a matter of 6 days.

In that book, I detailed my horrific home loan experience, how Bank of America lacked effort and desire in helping an employee with a home loan, and how they sabotaged our home inspections and contracts we had to buy the home. I was threatened with termination if I took my concerns public, and I sat at work frustrated.

During that time, I noticed how shabbily my bank treated my other clients who wanted to do home loans in this, an economically challenged part of the USA (Southern NM). I noticed I wasn't the only one, and the complaints my clients echoed to me were all strikingly very similar. I then noticed how new programs or accounts that were created by my bank actually only frustrated clients more, and led to the loss of customers in the last couple years. All the way up to the closure of my small-town bank, I saw a lot of very sketchy things, that I have to now speak to the masses about.

Though Bank of America is the root of a lot of frustration, I have banked and been frustrated by other institutions as well. I have seen a similar lack of quality service and quality products with those other banks. No one place speaks out about it with the knowledge that a former banker may have, and with the veracity that a man who spent a lot of his life bullied at school, and subsequently at his bank, can speak with. I am a writer, first and foremost, but my heart was in banking, so this podcast was created.

Why Your Bank Sucks is for everyone. It's for the client with a lot of money who has suspicions that they are getting maximum value with their relationship. It's also for the client who is paycheck to paycheck who can never catch a break at a bank, as they are getting nickel and dimed to death with service fees, overdraft fees, and more. This is for a client who may want to try a new product, but want a professional opinion before diving in headfirst. And it's also for the client who wants to go in with ammunition to a bank to make sure the banker doesn't screw them.

I will podcast 2x a week, 48 weeks a year (I am a banker, I need my federal holidays) Why Your Bank Sucks will be there to help you, the consumer make an informed decision in banking.

Please subscribe to the podcast and follow this page. You won't go wrong. Though I am an accomplished writer with 8 books to my name, you may sometimes see the emotion I feel for this subject in a grammatical error here or there, and/or a tangent on a podcast. Haha, it's stricly passion that causes the flubs, no need to call them out.

Thanks For Reading and Listening!

James Baca
Why Your Bank Sucks